Land for Sale in Kenya

Land for Sale in Kenya

 The price of property has been appreciating every year, not just in major global economies but in Kenya as well. Kenya covers approximately forty thousand square kilometers of land. The demand for land acquisition in Nairobi and its environs is higher than anywhere else in Africa; nevertheless, other lands available in different regions of Kenya are also in high demand.  The land prices vary from one place to another depending on numerous factors.


Factors determining price of land in Kenya

 The location of a piece of land is a critical element which needs to be considered before making any purchases. The location of the land determines its value and what use the ground can be put into. In instances where buyers are planning to develop estates, the land location could determine the type of services which will be available to its occupants once completed.

In places where there are many amenities such as good roads, marketplaces, hospitals and schools, the land prices are likely to be high compared to areas where there are little or none. The security available is also of top priority especially when the buyer intends to develop the real estate for residential purposes.

Key cities in Kenya with a lot of land trading

 Kenya has three major cities, Mombasa, Kisumu and Nairobi (the country’s capital). These are the key places where the majority of land trading for real estate development takes place. Prices of land in Nairobi are shooting through the roof each year. In a past report by Knight Frank, Nairobi is ranked as one of the fastest growing markets in real estate development across the world. In 2012 alone, the real estate prices had hiked by twenty five percent between January and December. Nairobi is undoubtedly a city to keep an eye on when it comes to the real estate markets.

The prices of land in Mombasa are appreciating by twenty percent each year. The principal places where real estates are booming in Mombasa include Nyali, Shanzu and English Point Marina.

In Nairobi, the places which are impossible to ignore to anyone investing in real estate markets include Upper Hill, Westlands, Karen, Lavington, Runda and the Nairobi Central Business District. These are places where multi-national corporations have set their bases.

Other towns where there shows promise for real estate markets in Kenya include Thika, Machakos and Konza Tecno City to mention but a few.

The critical issue of acquiring title deeds in Kenya

 Before Kenya gained independence, land ownership in Kenya was mainly through inheritance from ancestors. The routine took a sudden turn with the drafting of the constitution. The issue of land ownership has remained an enormous problem for over fifty years.

Recently, the president-elect Uhuru Kenyatta oversaw the issuing of sixty thousand title deeds to residents in the coastal region who live in places like Kilifi and Kwale. Issuing of title deeds hopefully solves the squatter problem in these areas.

When purchasing a piece of land, following the rules and procedures set in place can save buyers from landing in hot soup with the laws set in place.

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